Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies and t-shirts are a great memento of your days at school, college or university. With our extensive range of hoodies and t-shirts you can choose the colour and size that suits you. We will then work with you to help create bespoke design on the front and back of your hoodie or t shirt.

Leavers Hoodies Design Banner 2.jpg

Use our step by step guide to creating yours:

Contact us with your design

Front Design

Back Design

2 Choose your Hoodie
(You can choose to mix and match style, colour and size)

3 Pick your Colour
4 Extras
Nickname  For an extra £2.50 you can have your nickname printed on the back. This is optional so one person can have one and other not. Sleeve Prints  For an extra £2 we can print text down the sleeve of your hoodie. If this option is chosen all hoodies must have this printed.
5 Pick your font
Arial Black Impact Bauhaus Broadway
Stencil Playbill Cooper Black Freestyle
6 Place your order
When you are completely happy with your design we will send you all you need to collect details for your order. Submit the full order to us via spreadsheet. We’re happy to take a single cheque or electronic payment.

You then provide us with details of requested sizes, colours, and customisation and we do the rest. Your delivery will arrive within 14 days of receiving your completed order.

Open your own online shop or place a bulk order.

Contact us and let us know what type of garment and design you want to order. Don’t worry if you only have a rough idea, we will guide you through the process and our designers will be on hand to offer our help and advice and ensure you get the end result you want. We will then discuss adding your garments to our shop page.

If you don’t like the idea of collecting order details and money yourself, we can set up your own exclusive online shop where your friends/students/colleagues can order their garments directly.

We take individual orders over a set period of time through our secure online system which accepts all major credit/debit cards.

No need to collect all the information yourself and no risk of ordering too many or too few garments. We do all the hard stuff for you! No collecting names and orders, no chasing money. Just sit back and relax.